Thank you very much for visiting my website. If you are looking for a wedding photographer with a different approach: emotional, intimate, simple and elegant, lets talk, I really want to work with you in your wedding!
I make a photograph for creative and sensitive people who share a taste for nature, beaches, forests. If you do not mind going into a forest, let the breeze ruffle your hair on a wild beach, climb a dune and find a beautiful corner to photograph yourself in.
We will get along well.

I live in the north of Spain, in the rainy and beautiful Asturias and from there I move photographing weddings. I am a Spanish wedding photographer who loves to travel the world capturing images and stories of people in love. I am madly in love with my work and I want to show you what together we can do at your wedding.
I want to steal five minutes of your time so you can take a look at my work.

If you want us to make your wedding day special, just send me a message and I will respond immediately (usually within 24 hours).

Thank you,
Pedro Mon




March 23, Editorial


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